University of New Hampshire, Durham, NH

Race, Class, Gender, and Families              (Spring 2023; Fall 2022)

Intimate Relationships and Family                            (Spring 2023)

Adult Development and Aging                                         (Fall 2022)

Bryn Mawr College, Bryn Mawr, PA

Society, Culture, and the Individual                           (Spring 2022)

University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA

Introduction to Sociology                        (Fall 2021; Summer 2019)

Family Change and Inequality         (Summer 2021; Summer 2020)

The Family                                                                     (Spring 2021)

Teaching Assistant

Sociology of Media and Popular Culture          (Spring 2019, 2018)

Sociology of Gender                                                         (Fall 2018)

Introduction to Sociological Research                             (Fall 2017)

Awards and Fellowships

Dean’s Award for Distinguished Teaching by a Graduate Student (2021)

Center for Teaching and Learning Graduate Fellowship (2020-2021)

Certificate in Teaching and Learning (2018)

Syllabi available upon request.